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Vocabulary Test. Ida B. Wells. Southern Horrors

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Vocabulary Test. Ida B. Wells. Southern Horrors

Directions: Select the word from the list that means most nearly the same as the given term. Write the letter of your answer next to the number.

  1. miscegenation
    1. the birth of a baby with genetic defects
    2. sexual relations between a man and woman of different races
    3. when a genetic trait skips one generation
  2. lynch
    1. hanging or killing someone by a mob, without legal recourse
    2. expelling someone from a state or country
    3. to make one person the most exalted or glorified one in a group
  3. succumb
    1. to console or comfort, especially someone who is grieving a death
    2. to submit to an overpowering force, to fail to resist
    3. to throw away with impunity, to cast out carelessly
  4. stump
    1. to dislodge from an enclosed and guarded place, to nudge out
    2. to rehearse endlessly, to practice over and over
    3. to make a political speech, the act of engaging in political campaigning
  5. vehement
    1. with strong feeling, passionate, intense
    2. with a negative attitude, disrespectful
    3. playful and affectionate

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