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Reading Comprehension Test. Ida B. Wells. Southern Horrors

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Reading Comprehension Test. Ida B. Wells. Southern Horrors

Directions: Select the best answer from the choices provided. Write the letter of your answer on the line next to the number.

  1. According to Wells-Barnett, white men lynch African-American men who have amorous relations with white women because
    1. African-American men coerce white women into having sexual relations with them.
    2. African-American men harm the reputation and virtue of white women.
    3. African-American men succumb to the lure of white women.
  2. One of the reasons why Mrs. J. S. Underwood accuses William Offett of rape is that
    1. She was afraid she would have an African-American baby.
    2. She was afraid that William Offett would persist in his advances.
    3. She disliked William Offett and wanted him to serve time in jail.
  3. For his alleged rape of Mrs. J. S. Underwood, William Offett served how many years of actual jail time?
    1. Fifteen years.
    2. Four years.
    3. Seven years.
  4. Based on the reading, which of the following statements is true?
    1. William Offett was an unmarried African-American man.
    2. Mrs. J. S. Underwood invited William Offett to call on her at her house.
    3. Mrs. J. S, Underwood and William Offett had sexual relations only once.
  5. Ida B. Wells-Barnett's tone in this passage can best be described as
    1. passionate.
    2. spiteful.
    3. objective.

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