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Reading Comprehension Test. Benjamin Franklin. From his Autobiography

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Reading Comprehension Test. Benjamin Franklin. From his Autobiography

Directions: Select the best answer from the choices provided. Write the letter of your answer on the line next to the number.

  1. Benjamin Franklin claims that he was charmed with and adopted the
    1. method of direct and forceful disputation.
    2. Socratic method of argumentation.
    3. Shaftsbury and Collins method.
  2. Franklin adopted the technique of being a "humble inquirer and doubter," in part because
    1. he came to doubt many points of religious doctrine.
    2. he believed that well-meaning men should express themselves gracefully.
    3. he doubted the rhetorical skill of speakers who seemed diffident.
  3. If someone speaks in a "positive and dogmatical manner," a listener may likely
    1. recognize the superior learning and intelligence of the speaker.
    2. approve of the speaker's argument.
    3. contradict the speaker.
  4. By adopting a method of arguing based on asking questions and expressing doubt, Franklin
    1. upset people because of his uncertain attitude.
    2. won arguments that he did not deserve to win.
    3. acquired a reputation for being indecisive and weak.
  5. When someone says anything that may be disputed, Franklin recommends that the speaker use the words
    1. "it appears to me" or "I imagine it to be so."
    2. "certainly" or "undoubtedly."
    3. "sensibly" or "modestly in this regard."

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