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Reading Comprehension Test. Guy de Maupassant. The Necklace

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Reading Comprehension Test. Guy de Maupassant. The Necklace

Directions: Select the best answer from the choices provided. Write the letter of your answer on the line next to the number.

  1. Why does Mathilde dress plainly?
    1. She does not like the fashion of the times.
    2. She refuses to conform to what society dictates about dressing well.
    3. She cannot afford to dress well.
  2. What is the attitude of Mathilde's husband about their financial situation?
    1. He is grateful for what they have.
    2. He resents the fact that they cannot have more.
    3. He envies those whose wives and residences have more elegance.
  3. What does Mathilde want most?
    1. To cook good food for her family, especially good soup for her husband.
    2. To enjoy the time she has to spend with her husband.
    3. To be envied, to be charming, to be sought after.
  4. According to the narrator, what often makes women of humble origins equal to women of the upper socio-economic classes?
    1. A professional job for which she is well paid.
    2. Natural ingenuity, instinct for what is elegant, and a supple mind.
    3. Good furniture and clothing, such as fine jewelry and Orientaltapestries.
  5. Mathilde's attitude can best be described as
    1. covetous.
    2. scornful.
    3. contemptuous.

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