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Reading Comprehension Test. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes, From "The Five Orange Pips"

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Reading Comprehension Test. Sherlock Holmes, From "The Five Orange Pips"

Directions: Select the best answer from the choices provided. Write the letter of your answer on the line next to the number.

  1. According to Holmes,
    1. No one can ever know everything that one may need to know in one's line of work.
    2. It is not so impossible to know everything about philosophy, literature, and geology.
    3. It may be possible for someone to know everything which is likely to be useful in one's line of work.
  2. What field of study was Holmes absolutely ignorant of when he and the narrator [Watson] meet?
    1. Politics
    2. Geology
    3. Botany
  3. Holmes believes that a person should remember
    1. as much information and as many facts as he or she possible can.
    2. that information that he or she is likely to use.
    3. detailed information of crime records of the area where he or she lives.
  4. According to the passage, Sherlock Holmes consumed
    1. alcohol, but in moderation.
    2. cocaine and tobacco.
    3. fine, exotic meals from different countries where he has travelled.
  5. Given the language of the passage, the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and the narrator [Watson] can best be described as
    1. stiff, formal, strictly professional.
    2. condescending and somewhat demeaning.
    3. friendly and relaxed.

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