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Vocabulary Test. Kate Chopin. The Awakening

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Vocabulary Test. Kate Chopin. The Awakening

Directions: Select the word from the list that means most nearly the same as the given term. Write the letter of your answer next to the number.

  1. ail
    1. to help, to aid, as with food or medicine
    2. to trouble, to afflict
    3. to drink, to consume a beverage
  2. utterance
    1. a loud scream, a yell
    2. a discordant note, an unpleasant musical sound
    3. a spoken word or statement
  3. reproach
    1. to walk away from someone, to leave
    2. to speak with someone in a disapproving manner
    3. to hunt or fish without a permit
  4. anecdote
    1. a short, interesting story
    2. a cure for a disease, a remedy
    3. a long, exhausting walk, a trek
  5. evince
    1. to get someone to agree with one's position
    2. to claim as one's own
    3. to show clearly and definitively

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