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Reading Comprehension Test. Kate Chopin. The Awakening

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Reading Comprehension Test. Kate Chopin. The Awakening

Directions: Select the best answer from the choices provided. Write the letter of your answer on the line next to the number.

  1. What had Mr. Pontellier forgotten to do when he got back from Klein's hotel?
    1. To notify Edna of his whereabouts.
    2. To recount to Edna certain anecdotes and bits of gossip from the other guests.
    3. To bring bonbons and peanuts for the boys.
  2. According to the narrator, Mr. Pontellier reproaches Edna because
    1. her inattention and habitual neglect of the children.
    2. she takes little interest in things which concern him.
    3. she does not have a job outside the home and he has the exclusive burden of making a living for the family.
  3. When Mr. Pontellier returns from Klein's hotel, Edna is
    1. a. in excellent spirits and high humor.
    2. b. busy taking care of the children.
    3. c. asleep and answers him in little half utterances.
  4. Edna perceives Mr. Pontellier's claim that Raoul has a high fever and needs attention
    1. with surprise and quick action because Raoul had gone to be perfectly well.
    2. with skepticism and disbelief because she was sure Raoul had no fever.
    3. with fear and apprehension for Raoul's safety.
  5. Mr. Pontellier believes that a wife's role is to
    1. raise the children in equal partnership with the husband.
    2. take care of the children and the home while the husband makes money.
    3. assist the husband in taking care of the physical and emotional needs of the children.

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