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Vocabulary Test. Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland

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Vocabulary Test. Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland

Directions: Select the word from the list that means most nearly the same as the given term. Write the letter of your answer next to the number.

  1. Furrow
    1. a small mammal's fur
    2. a row dug in the ground to sow seeds
    3. a look of displeasure or anger
  2. Mallet
    1. a type of fish used for bait
    2. wooden hammer used for pounding meat
    3. a type of flat-head bicycle hook
  3. Burst
    1. to hide within a flower bed
    2. to spring out and explode
    3. to hold inside and not reveal, as with our emotions
  4. Provoke
    1. to hold within one's bosom
    2. to taunt or ridicule insultingly
    3. to crumble, to fall apart, as a cookie crumbling
  5. quarrel
    1. to argue
    2. to scream
    3. to swallow quickly

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