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Reading Comprehension Test. Aesop. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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Reading Comprehension Test. Aesop. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Directions: Select the best answer from the choices provided. Write the letter of your answer on the line next to the number.

  1. When the wolf really did appear, it
    1. ran across the pasture.
    2. leapt from within the forest.
    3. sprung from the underbrush.
  2. The shepherd boy shouted "wolf" twice when there wasn't any wolf to
    1. amuse himself.
    2. see if the villagers would respond.
    3. train the sheep to protect themselves from attack.
  3. The wolf attacked the sheep
    1. at sunset.
    2. at sunrise.
    3. during the night.
  4. When the villagers rushed to the shepherd boy the first time, he
    1. hid in the bushes to watch the villagers' reaction.
    2. doubled up with laughter.
    3. ran into the forest to hide.
  5. The shepherd boy's master had told him to
    1. scare the wolf away if a wolf attacked the flock.
    2. run to the village for safety if he saw a wolf.
    3. call for help if a wolf attacked the flock.

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